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Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.

Turn-Key Measurement Systems

Precise and Reliable Analysis of Machine Vibrations Using Turn-Key Measurement Systems

Ready-to-measure Systems

We offer turn-key measurement systems for a wide range of technical and industrial applications and measurement tasks. They are easy to use and provide precise and reliable measurement data. Of course, we tailor every measurement system to your special requirements.

We are happy to help you with the best turn-key measuring system for your application. Fill in our contact form or contact us directly: you can find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your nearest location on our locations page

Turn-Key Systems

Find the perfect measurement system for your application. We’d be happy to help you choose.

Properties & Advantages of Turn-Key Measurement Systems

  • Complete plug&play solutions for immediate deployment
  • Short planning and development phases
  • All systems adjustable and configurable to match your specific requirements
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Mobile turn-key measurement systems can be deployed at different locations quickly and easily
  • Time and cost efficient

Vibration Measurement: Possible Applications

  • Vibration measurement and analysis of machines and plants
  • Earthquake detection
  • Vibration monitoring for buildings and wind turbines
  • Measurement of whole-body vibration measurement
  • Inclination measurement for aligning antenna masts, leveling platforms, and mounting turbines
  • Mobile weighing and balance analysis for trains (railway industry)
  • Determining center of gravity and total weight in helicopter maintenance

Our Turn-Key Measurement Systems in Use

Would you like to get to know our products in practice? Take a look at these interesting projects from our customers:

Plug & Play Systems for Determining Weight, Vibration, Inclination, and Position

Mobile Weighing Systems

Our unique HS-GL-20 helicopter weighing system lets you quickly determine the center of gravity and total weight of a helicopter during maintenance, as well as visualizing and storing this critical information. The portable measurement system consists of two cases. It includes:

  • A 10-channel data logger
  • Four ports for strain gauge load cells
  • 230V/50Hz power supply
  • Three load cells
  • Connecting cable
  • Special adaptors for helicopter lifting joints

Our wireless wheel load measurement system lets you weigh trams or subway trains and determine the precise weight distribution on each axle. The system’s software calculates axle load, bogie load, averages, and balance. All results are saved in an automatic report and can be accessed in numerical and visualized form. Find out more…

Vibration Measurement Systems

Althen vibration measurement systems let you detect vibrations from machines and plants, as well as human body vibrations. Many measurement systems are available with the matching software that lets you process, analyze, and save the data.

While our VibroMatrix series comprises portable units for vibration measurement, the new stationary VibroLine system is mounted on top-hat rails or in a rack. It is primarily used for monitoring vibrations in motors, fans, and pumps.

The VIB-3A-IP-24-SP-Z0033 is a 3-axis system with three potential-free switching contacts – ideal for monitoring low-frequency vibrations. This system can be used as a safety measurement for explosion sensitive systems in environments with potential risk of earthquakes. The measurement system is capable of detecting earthquakes while distinguishing them from ordinary vibrations, such as heavy trucks passing by. This system, which we developed, is also used by a manufacturer of mobile power generators. Find out more…

Inclination Measurement Systems

Turn-key inclination measurement systems are the right choice when you require maximum precision. They can be used for aligning antenna masts and machinery or leveling platforms and turbines. An inclination measurement system for alignment and leveling combines a bi-axial inclination sensor in a rugged aluminum housing and a portable measurement unit with crosshair display and a digital display. This special solution from Althen features 0.06% accuracy.

Our inclination measurement system for turbine assembly features a measurement range of +/-3°, an easy-to-read limit display, and a digital display that shows the current angle. Its magnetic feet make attaching the measurement system to the turbine as simple as possible.

Two dual-axis, high-precision inclinometers can be connected to the high accuracy dual inclinometer measurement and logging system. Its transparent lid lets you see the display of the integrated data logger, which visualizes and saves the precise measurement data. You can also record the measurements from the internal temperature sensors of the two inclinometers. The system runs on 85 to 230 VAC, with the internal battery lasting 4-6 hours. Find out more…

Electronic Compasses

Equipped with various combinations of sensors, the ECS eCompass Series offers precise orientation components for unmanned vehicles, robots, weather buoys, platform/antenna alignment, marine navigation, satellite ground stations, and many other applications. The eCompass measures heading, pitch, and roll, as well as azimuth without relying on external references such as radio signals or GPS. The units are extremely durable and energy efficient, and they contain no movable parts. Find out more…


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