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In the Oil & Gas industry sparks and fire are a real threat, because it leads to an explosion. Especially for this branch, we have developed an ATEX sensors line, these sensors are suited for applications in hazardous environments

For use in zone 1 of refineries, we supply position sensors that measure the throttle positions. These sensors are capable of measuring very small distances in millimeters. We also supply the ATEX barrier to protect the sensor from combustion energy.

Our Oil & Gas program offers you a wide selection of sensors:

  • Load cells
  • Inclination sensors
  • Position sensors
  • Rotation sensors
  • Draw wire sensors
  • Load cell amplifiers
  • Strain gauges
  • Pressure sensors



Working in mining means working under hazardous conditions. Detecting broken or malfunctioning machines is important for the safety of employees and to organize the work process as efficiently as possible.

Mining machines operate under harsh conditions and mostly 24/7. In their work environment there is a lot of dust, moisture and the temperatures are high.

We mainly supply many ATEX vibration and acceleration sensors to customers in the mining industry. Those sensors have a stainless steel housing that is suited for use in a dusty, humid and high temperature environment. These acceleration and vibration sensors are used for predictive maintenance and continuously monitoring of the machine’s rotating parts.

Advantages of using this sensors for predictive maintenance:

  • The maintenance of the machine can be planned in advance.
  • It prevents unexpected machine failure.
  • It minimizes the safety risk for employees.
  • The sensors are ATEX, very robust and made for operating in a dusty, humid and high temperature environments.
  • The sensors are highly accurate.

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