Sensors & Measurement systems for the Railway industry

We offer a wide range of innovative measurement systems for trains, trams, subways and the hyperloop. We have developed our products together with our customers and partners. All our measurement systems are based on laser measurement technology and measure both rails and wheels. Where in the past a lot of time and labor were needed for measurements on rail and vehicles, our high-tech tools complete accurate measurements within a few seconds.

Innovative sensor solutions for transportation systems of the future.

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Wireless Wheel Load System: How it works

Dutch Tram Specialist HTM uses our Wireless Load Management System to weigh and balance their trams. The systems helps HTM to increase the efficiency in maintaining the tram fleet. Read the Application Story

New: Weighing in Motion System (AWIM)

Our Weighing in Motion System is a stationary measurement system able to function as a dynamic weighing scale. This advanced in-motion system is used for Weighing in Motion, Wheel Flat Detection, Train Detection and much more!

When combining all measurements an overall accuracy of better than ±0,5%* is achieved for passing trains with various speeds, complying with OIML R106, class 0,5.

Integrated Vision-RFiD scanning system

In order to identify the vehicle, the locomotive- and wagontype can be determined by our system thanks to an integrated algorithm comparing distances between passing wheels and bogies. In addition extra features can be added to increase identification of vehicles and axles. We offer an integrated RFiD scanning system and as well Vision Technology Cameras to register the vehicle number and axle ID’s.

Read more about the Weighing in Motion System.

Automated Wheel Sets Control System

Our Automated Wheel Sets Control System is designed for making automatic measurement of 27 geometric parameters of wheel pairs of wagons in the course of incoming and outgoing inspections carried out in railcar/wheel shops, wagon depots and wheelpair repair and gathering workshops.
Read more.

3D wheel measurement system

The fully automated 3D Wheel Measurement System is designed for automated contactless measurement of railway or tram wheels. It is able to take real-time measurements of moving wheels to analyse its geometrical parameters. The collected data can automatically be viewed in our web-based dashboards. Read more.


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How can we help you?

We at Althen can provide both standard and highly specialized custom sensor solutions as well as complete measurement systems for our customers. Our Railway team will be happy to give you advice! You can call us at +31 (0)70 3 92 44 21 or send an email to sales@althen.nl.

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