We are a reliable sensor supplier for the well know producers in the automotive industry for many years. The automotive branche is well known for their high quality standards: integrity, performance and reliability are key. The safety of a car is everything.

That is why safety tests are so important: wear, cables, crash tests and brakes. As an experienced partner in sensor and measurement systems in the automotive industry, we are the best partner to provide you with the right solution.

Applications in the automotive

We offers several sensors for the automotive industry. You will find our sensors in applications such as:

  • Cable and bolt testing in safety testing centers (Donut Load Cells)
  • Fatigue- and wear testing (Pancake Load Cells)
  • Performing crash tests (Multi-axis Load Cells)
  • Brake testing (Pressure Sensors)
  • Navigation systems (Gyroscope Sensors)
  • Cruise control
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