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Althen is your expert partner for standard and custom OEM sensor solutions. Here at Althen we solve customer’s sensing and measurement problems. OEM manufacturers come to Althen because they simply can’t find the sensor solution that fit’s their system. Every application is different and often there is a need for a custom design to fit the specific requirements of the customer. That is where our engineers will co-design a new sensor which meets the unique specifications. Whether it is a force sensor, a torque sensor, a pressure sensor, a displacement sensor or a rotary sensor, we are awaiting your inquiry.

Custom Design Process

Althen has developed an effective custom design process for sensors that are not in our standard catalog. Because of this design process and our strong experience in designing and manufacturing we are able to quickly come up with a design that fits our customers needs. Flexibility that meets the wishes of our customers today.

First level

First level is to modify an existing ‘standard’ product. This can minor modifications such as different cable, electronics, or mounting holes.

Second level

Second level is to really start to design a sensor from a blank piece of paper, in this type; the customer often has already his own ideas about size and performance, which quickly shapes the restrictions for the new designed sensor.

Third level

Third type of creating an OEM sensor is by strategically weakening an existing part of the customers system, allowing them to become an active sensor. We often call this an form-fit replacement of a mechanical part.

Designers of OEM-sensors

Bottom line: we are not limited to our standard catalog products. We are a known for our flexibility to design and manufacturer customized sensors. 

Whether you are looking for a special Force Sensor or Load Cell, a Static Torque Sensor or a custom Pressure Sensor, a unique Displacement, Rotary or Inclination sensor we are able to co-develop your best oem-sensor which will enable you to built your best possible product. 

  • Short iteration cycles
  • Fast proto-typing service
  • Quality in product and proces

Please send us your specific sensor requirements, we are there to help you out.

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Althen invests in a longterm successful partnership with it’s OEM customers. As your OEM sensor partner we believe:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success’’

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