Back in the days traditional spinning wheel mechanical gyroscopes where used in aircrafts. They were heavy, big and expensive. And like all things that spin on bearings, they needed routine maintenance. These days our MEMS Gyroscopes and Air Pressure Probes are commonly used in the aviation sector.

Gyroscopes - The Revolutionary MEMS

These MEMS Gyroscopes are tiny, especially compared to the old ones. MEMS Gyroscopes don't contain moving parts and they are named after the MEMS technology. An unique silicon ring technology that is coupled with closed loop electronics. The hermetically sealed ceramic body provides the gyroscopes with excellent resistance to humidity and temperature. The MEMS Gyroscopes offer highly accurate and stable performance over temperature and time. The new DMU30 is the first of a family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs).

MEMS Air Data Measurement

Next to the MEMS gyroscopes the air pressure probes are often used in the aviation branche. They represent a robust method for air data measurement. Designed for high-accuracy, real-time applications, they return the angles of an aircraft or vehicle with respect to the apparent wind.

Air Pressure Probes can be heated internally for use on high-altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), that makes them perfectly suited for the aviation sector. Data reduction performance in real-time by on-board computers and flight control systems. Almost 90% of the air pressure probes are tailor made, in order to suit your specific requirements.


An Accelerometer helps a device understand its surroundings and the forces around it better. These forces may be static, such as gravity, or they could be dynamic – caused by moving or vibration. Accelerometers are used extensively in transportation such as aerospace, aviation and the automotive industry as well as inertial navigation and guidance systems in such things as airplane and ship autopilots.

We offer a wide range of high precision accelerometer sensors to measure linear acceleration and deceleration with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Our sensors are used in demanding aerospace, aviation, military and industrial applications around the world.

Please inform us about the requirements for your application, so we can design the Gyroscopes, Air Pressure Probes, Pressure Sensors and Acceleration Sensors that meet your needs.

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