Tilt & Inclination Sensors

Precisely measure, monitor and display inclination in space: With inclinometers from Althen

Althen Tilt and Inclination Sensors: Precise, Durable, Customizable

Tilt sensors (also called inclinometers or tiltmeters) precisely measure an object’s angle or tilt. Our portfolio includes the right system for any application – whether it’s amplification electronics, limit monitoring, or tilt angle visualization – and it all comes in rugged industrial EMV casings. We also offer solutions for mobile applications – digital spirit levels with 360° measurement range and display, available with magnetic bases for even greater ease of installation.

Properties & Advantages

  • High precision and reliability
  • Special models with ATEX certification available
  • Broad range of measurement ranges from 0.05° to 360°
  • Temperature compensation
  • Designed for long-term use in industrial settings
  • Broad selection of configurations and sizes
  • Suitable for industrial applications and rough environments (ATEX, offshore, etc.)
  • Rugged EMV casings with high protection classes
  • High versatility thanks to extensive connectivity
  • Easy to assemble and integrate into your plants
  • Complete measurement systems available
  • Custom solutions for special applications

Possible Applications for Inclinometers

  • Leveling of machines and platforms
  • Radar/antenna alignment
  • Safety monitoring for cranes and lifts
  • Underground measurements
  • Naval stabilization
  • Data collection systems
  • Structural monitoring
  • Linear acceleration/delay measurement
  • Automatic train position control
  • Seismic monitoring
  • Railway industry / track alignment and maintenance
  • High-precision geotechnology

The experts at Althen call on more than 40 years of experience to offer the perfect solution tailored to your requirements. This also includes custom tilt and inclination sensors and fully integrated solutions. Your advantage: We provide independent advice and do not limit you to one manufacturer. At your request, we tailor measurement systems to your specific needs. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Tilt and Inclination sensors for every application: Our product portfolio

Find the perfect tilt and inclination sensor for your application. We’d be happy to help you choose.

Accurate Position Control: Tilt and Angle Measurement Made Simple

Tilt sensors identify an object’s angle. Unlike accelerometers, which are based on similar technology, tilt sensors measure a change in angle or position relative to the earth’s gravity. They are often used for static leveling measurements. There are several basic measurement principles, which are suited for different measurement tasks:

  • High-precision servo-inclinometers with taut-band suspension or cost-efficient capacitive MEMS sensors;
  • Single-axis systems for tilt measurement in ATEX areas or pitch & roll measurement systems;
  • Submersible offshore inclinometers or portable digital spirit levels.

Together, we will identify the right solution for your application! You can also benefit from our broad selection of turnkey measurement systems for special applications:

Inclination Measurement System for Antenna Mast Alignment
Inclination Measurement System for Turbine Assembly
Dual Inclinometer Measurement & Logging System

Althen also offers a broad selection of custom solutions for tilt and inclination measurements in specific applications. Contact us and let us know what you need!

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Our Tilt and Inclination Sensors in Use

Would you like to get to know our products in practice? Take a look at these interesting projects from our customers:

How Tilt Sensors, Inclinometers, and Tilt Measuring Systems Work

Capacitive tilt sensors consist of two capacitor chambers that are filled with oil serving as a dielectric medium. With a change in tilt, the viscous oil flows from one chamber of the sensor to the other, creating a change in capacity. The two capacitors are connected with differential wiring. The integrated electronic circuits transform the change in capacity of the tilt sensor into a voltage output proportional to the tilt angle.

In this configuration, tilt sensors deliver a measurement signal for one measurement axis. Their measurement range is +/-45 degrees. In a dome arrangement of four capacitors, a tilt sensor can provide measurements for two axes – however, this reduces the measurement range of the sensor to 20 degrees.

Althen combines these tilt sensors with electronic amplifiers in EMV aluminum die-cast casings.

This creates a versatile tilt measurement system perfectly suited for industrial applications in challenging environments.

Depending on the configuration, the amplification system provides different standardized 5 V, 10 V, or 4...20 mA analog outputs. You can choose between +/-3 and +/-45 scaling. Two-axis versions are available as well.

A special ATEX certified version lets you deploy the single-axis measurement system as an intrinsically safe sensor for explosive environments.

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