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Visit our location page for your nearest Althen location.

Weighing Sensors & Load Cells

For mounting weighing equipmen or other device for weighing goods.

Weighing Sensors and Load Cells 

We offer a broad selection of load cells, weighing electronics, and accessories in accordance with the standards of the OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology). Combine our hardware and software solutions including bus technology to successfully and effectively automate your industrial weighing processes.

We are happy to help you select the most suitable sensor or measurement solution. Fill in our contact form or contact us directly: you can find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your nearest location on our locations page.

Product portfolio Weighing Sensors & Load Cells 

Our load cells and weight sensors can be used to build weighing stations and other systems for weighing goods. They transform a load or weight into an electronic signal. This output signal can take the form of a change in current, frequency, or voltage, depending on the type of load cell and its configuration. Every sensor is made from a durable material such as steel and fitted with one or more strain gauges. When force is applied to the strain gauge, it transmits a low electrical current. Weighing sensors can be pressure or tension based, or even bidirectional.

The Right Weighing Technology for Every Application

Load cells form a special section of our weighing sensor portfolio. They are used in weighing systems, such as scales or other devices for weighing goods. Unlike force sensors, the measurements are given in grams, kilograms, or tons. Typical load cells are based on bending or shear beams. However, you can also use low-profile force sensors or cylindrical load cells to construct weighing systems.

For a Few Grams or Several Tons

We offer a wide range of load cells for measurement ranges from 50 grams to 25 tons, as well as load pins for up to 1,500 tons. Use our simple, cost-effective load cells for OEM applications. For highly demanding applications, our high-quality submersible stainless steel load cells might be the right choice.

Components of Our Load Cells

Our load cells consist of a measurement unit with one or more strain gauges can be deployed in parallel configuration for summation. 

You can use our standard strain gauge amplifiers to amplify the signal or evaluate weighing cell signals. Alternatively, we are happy to provide custom measurement systems and fully integrated solutions.

Choosing the Right Measurement Range

Especially in case of dynamic loads, you should make sure the measurement range of your load cells isn’t too small. That way, you avoid overloading them at peak loads, for instance when applying weight dynamically. Generally speaking, our load cells are very precise, so that you can use double or triple measurement ranges.

When using external strain gauge amplifiers, scale your measurement signal in such a way that only the desired range is given as an output. This lets you compensate for large offset values such as the static weight of a silo or platform.

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Custom Load Cell Solutions

You are designing a new product or machine, and somewhere a force or weight must be measured. The standard product range of force sensors and load cells don't offer a suitable solution. What now?

Then you probably are looking for a customized load cell that exactly fits your machine or application. By strategically looking at mechanical components in your application, we can change passive components into active sensors.

We offer custom load cells for OEM or Test & Measurement applications in which force, reaction torque, or weight must be measured based on strain gauge technology. 

Tailor-made Load Cell Solutions

Applications with weighing sensors

Would you like to get to know our products in practice? Take a look at these interesting projects from our customers:

Properties & Advantages

  • Individual measurement ranges from 50 grams up to 25 tons
  • Load pins for measurements up to 1,500 tons
  • Simple, cost-effective load cells for OEM applications
  • High-quality submersible stainless steel load cells for demanding applications
  • Custom measurement systems and fully integrated solutions
  • Complete silo weighing systems/tank scales
  • All sensors available with mounting kits
  • ATEX versions available for many models
  • Load cells with OIML certification

Possible Applications for Load Cells

  • Food and packaging industry
  • Beverage industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Steel industry
  • Transport industry (helicopter scale system)
  • Railway industry (weighing systems for trains and trams)
  • Bulk goods industry


Correct installation of load cells, weighing transmitters and weighing indicators

In the video of our partner Laumas you will find detailed instructions for the correct installation of load cells, weighing transmitters and weighing indicators in a weighing system.

It offers helpful tips, hints and answers to technical questions for all those who work in the field of weighing technology on a daily basis. How to achieve optimum results with your weighing system!

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Automate Industrial Processes Improving Efficiency and Reliability

Whether you’re filling bottles with juice or adding exactly the right amount of an active ingredient to a medication – our broad selection of weighing solutions helps you automate your processes. Your machines work autonomously and precisely – for perfect results, every time.

Althen is the exclusive distributor of weighing components made by LAUMAS Elettronica. We offer you:

  • Load cells - these sensors let you measure weights – to the (milli) gram.
  • Weighing modules - for mounting load cells
  • Weighing transmitters - for transforming the sensor output into weights

Our portfolio also includes evaluation electronics for connecting the components – as well as the right software for automating your processes.

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Automation Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

LAUMAS automation solutions are in used in many industries. The  products are ideally suited for the beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. 

Use the weighing systems in packaging and logistics. Use them to measure container levels and monitor the amounts used in your bottling and packaging plants. That way, you make sure that your machines are always working with the right dosages and amounts. Cranes and elevators also work reliably with weighing modules from our portfolio.

Althen offers flexible automation solutions for your measurement needs, tailored to your specific requirements. Our extensive portfolio guarantees that you will find the right product – even for very small or very large loads.

We also offer load cells that are suitable for use in environments with explosive atmospheres (ATEX) due to their resistance against dust and vapor. That way, you always get exact measurements – even under difficult conditions and in harsh environments.

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