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Robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV's)

Sensors are used in robots to provide them with the necessary information to execute their program/job properly. The type of sensor (force, torque, linear position and laser sensors for example) that is used, depends on the robots and their task. The Althen sensors are also used to predict maintenance.

Examples of sensor applications in robotics and Automated Guided Vehicles

  • Our static torque sensors provide force feedback control.
  • Linear and rotary position sensors are used to measure the position of robot joints.
  • LiDar sensors are used for safety motion control of  Automated Guided Vehicles.
  • Gyro & inclination sensors are used for attitude control of Automated Guided Vehicles.

The advantages of our sensor solutions for Robotics and Automated Guides Vehicles applications:

  • The sensors are light weight and reliable.
  • Robots are mostly custom made. We offer custom made design-in sensors that fit our customer’s application perfectly.
  • We have the capacity to offer in-house prototyping with relatively short lead times.
  • We offer call off orders and guarantee short lead times for serial production.

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