C6_Fusion InnoBeamer® VibroMatrix® Schwingungsmesssystem

Kombiniert die VibroMatrix-Messtechnik mit der mobilen Outdoor-Computing-Technologie

About the VibroMatrix® InnoBeamer® C6_Fusion

The InnoBeamer C6_Fusion combines the VibroMatrix measurement technology with mobile outdoor computing technology. You get uncompromising, focused performance.

Key features InnoBeamer® C6_Fusion

  • Sunlight-readable XGA display for best view during field work
  • State-of-the-art connectivity: USB, GigaBit LAN, WLAN, RS232, Bluetooth, optional UMTS, GPS
  • Powerful mobile processor
  • Rugged case: IP65 protection
  • High capacity memory: 160 GB HDD
  • 6 integrated measurement channels with IEPE and TEDS sensor interface, 24 Bit conversion with HD quality, 0.1 - 40000 Hz signal bandwidth, 96 kHz sample rate for each channel
  • Simultaneous signal processing enables you to solve complex measurement tasks, e.g. machine diagnosis, balancing, long-term recording, acceptance control measurements:
    • Free combination of measuring programs, running simultaneously
    • Simultaneous real-time display and raw data recording possible
    • Post processing possible with completely new signal processing

Applications InnoBeamer® C6_Fusion

  • Machine vibration
  • Building vibration
  • Human vibration