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Althen Shop. Outlet for sensors, joystick controller, and for instance Fujifilm measurement foil.

Sensor and joystick offers

Here you will find exclusive offers for sensors and joystick controllers. We have all products in stock and can therefore deliver within a very short time. 

Also benefit from up to 50% discounts in our Outlet.

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Our standard range of sensors, Fujifilm measurement foils and industrial joystick controllers are also partly available in an online shop with a direct payment system. In the coming months, we will further expand our standard range of webshop products.

Featured products in Althenshop

Fujifilm Measuring Foils

With Fujifilm films you can measure pressure/force distribution, heat distribution and UV light distribution. Simply observe the variation in density and tint (range of colours) and measure accurately with the help of software. Each measuring film has its own application.

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H40JH Finger Joystick (3 axes)

Low priced version of a 3-dimensional joystick controller. Equipped with a resistance element of the hall-effect IC type. It offers IP 65 protection and various special outputs. Suitable for various kinds of tooling machines, security camera's and robotic operations.

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CP22E-5K Rotary potentiometer

The CP22E is an inexpensive potentiometer with plastic housing and internationally patented click design. The cable lugs of the CP22E-5K are attached on the side. The shaft diameter is 6 mm, and this item is in stock as well.

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